5 Workout Wardrobe Essentials for That Sculpted Look Ahead of Festivity

Glitz, glamour & all things grand- it’s that time of the year again when every part of the country decks up in their most gorgeous avatar, not to mention the people around. With festive beacon driving high and all of us bracing up to sizzle the crowd with our hottest best look during the upcoming celebrations- diet regimes & workout plans are on everyone’s card right now. But while you might muse on renewing your gym membership to sport a chiselled bod & fit into trendy outfits this Puja, have you paid attention to the workout wardrobe you’ll need during workout? Well we know that most people cannot distinguish between workout wardrobe from a regular one, especially in terms of underwears. If you are one of them, don’t forget to scroll below as Colors Team jots down the ultimate checklist of workout essentials you need to add to cart before you hit the gym.

  1. Trunks For The Hunks:

Regular-wear inners are often not made of moisture wicking or performance fabrics, that are crucial for workout. That’s why whether you're hitting the weights or doing bodyweight exercises, place your trust in an innerwear that offers supreme blend of support and freedom of movement and Trunk is the one, folks. While trunks is the best choice in terms of coverage, one that offers the maximum stretch, sits comfortable on waist & feels easy on skin can be the real game-changer.  

Sculpted Look Ahead of Festivity

  1. No-Grief Briefs:

Briefs are not only stylish but also provide excellent agility & support that keeps your assets in right place to weather the stormiest workout blows. Look for a brief that ensure no-ride up or bunching, and is made of breathable material for a cool & dry post-workout feel. An exclusive workout brief with supportive pouch & snug fit can be your best bet to keep inner woes at bay when the going gets tough.

Sculpted Look Ahead of Festivity

  1. Give Your Vest Shot:

While some gym fashionistas might call vests old-fashioned, fact says vest has to be a gym-wardrobe staple coz it plays a critical role in regulating the body heat & allowing hindrance-free body movement. Most importantly, a well-fitted vest , in bright or contrasting shades actually motivates you towards your dream physique.  So don’t miss on a vest that’s light and breathable and contains anti-microbial properties to prevent bacterial infestation after a prolonged gym-sesh while making your bucket list.

Sculpted Look Ahead of Festivity

  1. Fit To A Tee:

Gym Tees are an absolute fashion A-lister while oozing comfort during workouts. With broad shoulders & drop needle design, these are perfect for giving you a ripped look while ensuring there's no rubbing or chafing. Looks great during gym sesh and after as outerwear for that ultimate show-off, so don’t forget to add one in your gym-bag.

Sculpted Look Ahead of Festivity


  1. Sweat-Not Towels:

While the best bods are made out of sweats and tears, don’t let them come between you & your goals. A premium set of hand and face towel is crucial to wipe off your tiredness and maintain hygiene. Additionally, a quick-dry, plush bath towels is a must-add in your kit to pep your post workout-shower with a dab of comfort & freshness.

Achieving that svelte look ahead of the festive season requires dedication, hard work, and attention to detail.  So while you are spending a fortune on your puja outfits, give some thoughts to choose your workout ensembles as well for chasing your fitness goals sans any worry. Come gear up and get ready to showcase your brawny Colors this Puja!

Sculpted Look Ahead of Festivity