FABRIC THAT FEELS FAB: Tips To Choose Innerwear Fabric According To Occasion

‘Yaaay…it’s undie-shopping time!’

Sounds a lil too much? We know right! While shopping an outfit might still justify an expression as gaga as this from our menfolk, inner-shopping comes nowhere close. The fit, color & price being the ultimate deciding factor of purchase, almost no man ever invests any thought on the choosing the fabric according to occasion. Naturally, the office undies often do an over-time stretch at gym, while home-lounging pair does a repeat spin during parties- because most men are oblivious to the fact that whether you're on an outdoor exploration, going for a rain dance party or just lounging in comfort, there's always a perfect pair of undies that does not only match your mood but is tailored to suit the occasion. So if you also fall under the same category, don’t forget to scroll down as Colors Team spills the beans on the best fabrics for men's underwear, crafted for each delightful occasion!

  1. Everyday Essentials: Cotton Comfort

Ah, the classic cotton & it’s irresistible feel! For a hot n humid climate like India, Cotton was & shall be the undisputed champion of underwear fabrics simply coz its breathable, soft & comfortable. Whether you're heading to the office, the gym, or just lounging around at home, choose cotton briefs or trunks to feel oh-so-comfy in your nether regions.

Everyday essentials cotton comfort

  1. Active Adventures: Performance Fabrics

Keep yourself  dry and fresh during intense workouts or outdoor escapades, strutting your stuffs in innerwears made of performance fabrics. Moisture-wicking wonders like spandex is best for the task. While full spandex offers excellent support, they can be pretty uncomfortable n hot, so make sure your pick, both upper and lower, has a blend of thermostatic fabric like cotton. That ways you can ensure your boys stay in place while you test your limits at the gyms or simply kill it at the dance floor with no-fuss, no-sweat feel.

active adventures performance fabrics

  1. Formal Forever: Trendy Microfiber

Got an important meeting? Chuck the regular and up your fashion ante with the latest innovation that has taken the undie-world by storm. Comfy as cotton yet smooth as silk, microfiber hugs your contours without leaving any pesky marks on your formal trousers. Slip into these sleek wonders to feel like a man on mission from head to toe.

  1. Summer Sizzle: Breezy Bamboo

Eco-friendly is the new cool, and inners are no exception! The light-as-feather and breathable bamboo fabric not just aces in beating the heat but also has natural antibacterial properties (goodbye, unwanted odors!).  Swirl n twirl like in a beach vacay even when you’re just going out & about, feeling like breeze in your bamboo inners.

summer sizzle breezy bamboo

  1. Date Nights Dapper: Silky Smooth

Exude your inner confidence while looking & feeling like a million bucks, especially when you have something sultry on mind. ;) Get your pants..errr..hands on something hot n silky! Smooth and luxurious, silk has the elegance that gives your look an instant lift, giving a touch of royal n ravishing at the same time. Just what you need for the special nocturnal adventures..ehh?

Date Nights Dapper Silky Smooth

Innerwears are our last line of comfort, and choosing the right one can make a world of difference in life. So, next time you go undie-hunting, spend some time and thought to segregate and select the best fabric according to occasion. You can thank us later. :D

Happy shopping from Colors!