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Post Date: 14-Nov-2022

Fun-filled Children’s day ideas from Bumchums…

November is a month dedicated to children! If you are thinking of the reason behind dedicating an entire month to the little ones while others get a single day, it's simply because children are the epitome of beauty, and as we all know, innocence is rare these days. So yes, they deserve a whole month's special treat. We have mentioned a few ideas f
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Post Date: 14-Nov-2022

The best activities for your child In the month of Children’s Day…

Children are said to be the epitome of innocence and beauty! November is one such month in a year when we give special importance to every child. Here are a few activities that you can do with your kid during the month of Children’s day…
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Post Date: 12-Nov-2022

Understanding the emotions of children through Colors…

Adults and children both experience mood changes as a result of Color. The relationship between Color psychology and children's learning and behaviour has received extensive attention. The brain's neuropathways can be linked by Color.
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Post Date: 21-Oct-2022

The must-have Colors for Diwali!

Festivals have been our only escape from our monotonous lives! A festival is also an excuse to buy new attire for ourselves.
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Post Date: 18-Oct-2022

A De-Light-ful way to celebrate… The festival of Lights!

Your heart starts to beat faster as the festival of lights gets near, and you can almost feel the celebrations. If you can remember back to your early Deepawali celebrations, we are sure that you would be able to recall participating in candle-making and card-making contests at school before gradually moving on to helping your parents prepare an ab
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