How has Rupa Frontline changed the game of style with Ranveer Singh?

This year, Ranveer Singh is going to change the face of Rupa Frontline with his jazzy, quirky avatar. Witness the transition of Rupa Frontline, where you are bound to be mesmerized by our creativity. The aura and magic of Ranveer and Frontline are going to leave you awe-struck! Let's check out what's new and what the buzz is all about:

 More Classy: Rupa Frontline represents class! A class that anyone can carry confidently. It is not just ordinary innerwear; it brings out the inbuilt class and premiumness rooted deep inside you! Get ready to rock the style with Ranveer and  Frontline and get your hands on a premium product, which is way more classy.

 A lot more trendy: Along with the classy part, it’s also going to be a hell-lot of trendy! This new campaign is surely going to be the talk of the town. Each pose that Ranveer exhibits are cool and funky enough to break the internet and be in line with the latest trends.

 Youth Centric: Connecting with the youth is an art, and not every brand can do it! Before the campaign took place, we chalked out a plan that was specifically focused on youth! And we think we have succeeded in connecting with the youth of India. Rupa Frontline provides what the young generation wants to see, and we simply give them the comfort they deserve through our premium innerwear!

 The-Ranveer-Charm: We believe there’s one universal fact about Ranveer Singh: ‘You may like him or you may not like him, but you definitely can’t ignore him!’ We have rightly tapped into this charm of Ranveer and implemented it to energize our brand. The charm, appeal, and beauty Ranveer possesses have matched our brand in all aspects.

 Maintaining Quality with Style: We, Rupa Frontline, are one such brand that is proudly following and going by its tagline, ‘Yeh style ka mamla hai'! Over the years, we have evolved and strictly maintained the quality of our products for the betterment of people. Hand in hand, we have made sure that it doesn’t compromise style because style is something one longs for! So if you are planning to look dashing and confident just like Ranveer, Rupa Frontline is the answer!

What’s more to come?

So ladies and gentlemen, what you have read is just the beginning! Soon you are going to watch more of Rupa Frontline and Ranveer Singh combined. Keep an eye out and follow our social media and our official websites daily, namely, Rupa’s Corporate website and Rupa Online Store, to check out our iconic style ambassador in his new vibrant avatar!